In my 'spare' time I pursue a variety of hobbies.
Flower GardeningWhile I wouldn't ever consider myself a Master Gardener,
I love plants and flowers. I have started several perennial gardens
and now have an herb garden. I call it my Simon & Garfunkel garden.
Those of you old enough will understand without it being explained to you.
I would like to be able harvest my own fresh herbs for seasonings.

As I grow 'healthier', I am becoming more and more concerned with all of the chemicals
that have ended up in our grocery store foods.
Go Farmers' Markets!

CollectionsWhen I moved back to South Dakota over 20 years ago, I was in need of something to collect.
Now I have a start on a few really nice collections.
I collect Snowmen for Christmas decorations. Then you can leave your decorations up until March.
I have also started collecting wind chimes. I have them in various places around the outside of my house.
My favorite collection however, is my collection of flamingoes. Since I've gotten remarried, they aren't quite as visible inside as they used to be.They are mostly confined to the deck, the pool area and the yard.I think my favorite flamingoes are my 'skeleton' flamingoes that I put out for Halloween!

FamilyMy family doesn't keep me quite as busy as they used to.
I am a happily re-married mother of two boys, and step-mother of one boy.
Greg is 33, married to Melanie, and living in Madison, SD.
Cody is 31, married to Toni, and living in East Bethel, MN.
Cam is 27, married to Camilla, and living in Augusta, GA.

Becoming a LandlordMy new husband and I have purchased some sad, little homes,
fixed them up, and have rented them out to families.
We have acquired our third home,
and hope to end up with four or five.
I guess we can't keep teaching forever!

BuicksMy husband and I have quite a fleet of old Buicks started.
We have a 1963 4-door LeSabre
We have a 1965 2-door Wildcat

We have a 1968 2-door Wildcat
shown above at the National Buick Meet (summer of 2015)

We have a 1969 2-door Riviera GSandWe have a 2-door 1983 Riviera Convertible.

Our fleet also includes a few parts cars.
It's been both fun and challenging to work on these beautiful cars!